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Meet Chuck, Darcy & Edison

The Pups who Inspired Tandem

At Tandem, our inspiration stems from three remarkable miniature dachshunds – Chuck, Darcy, and Edison – who live their best lives in Wellington, New Zealand. Both Chuck and Darcy have faced the challenges of Intervertebral Disc Disease (IVDD), with Chuck courageously undergoing surgery four times and learning to walk again after each procedure. Edison, still a playful puppy at heart, grapples with anxiety.

Our passion for premium pet nutrition is deeply rooted in the love we have for these three members of the family. Every Tandem product undergoes rigorous scrutiny, ensuring exceptional quality and safety standards. And, of course, our dedicated taste testers – Chuck, Darcy, and Edison – eagerly lend their discerning palates to ensure that our offerings are both nutritious and delicious.

From Our Founder

Tandem was born out of my unwavering commitment to providing the very best for my three miniature dachshunds, Chuck, Darcy, and Edison. As I grappled with the challenges of finding effective, proven, and high-quality supplements to support Chuck during his recovery from four IVDD surgeries and to prevent further recurrences, I realised that a solution was missing in the market.

Fueled by a determination to bridge this gap, I embarked on a journey to create my own line of supplements – and thus, Tandem was born. A fundamental principle that has guided me from the outset is the belief that our supplements should be backed by science and proven through rigorous research, not just propelled by fancy marketing tactics.

To uphold this commitment, we have proudly partnered with the esteemed Massey University School of Animal Sciences in the design, formulation, and testing of our soon to be launched range of premium supplements. This collaboration ensures that we remain at the forefront of the latest advancements in pet nutrition and that our offerings are supported by cutting-edge research.

As we continue to grow and expand our offerings, our dedication to excellence in pet nutrition remains unwavering. We are proud to develop products that genuinely support the well-being of our cherished four-legged friends, like Chuck, Darcy, and Edison, who inspire us each and every day.

Tarik Mallett - Founder

What Makes Us Special

New Zealand Made

Crafted in the heart of New Zealand, our products are meticulously designed, skillfully formulated, and proudly produced on our home soil. We hold a deep conviction in the significance of supporting local endeavors, both for the sake of exceptional quality and the preservation of our precious planet.

Backed by Science

Elevate your pet's health with our soon to be launched range of premium supplements, developed in collaboration with Massey University's School of Animal Sciences. Globally recognised experts ensure that our products are scientifically backed, delivering optimal well-being for your beloved pets.

Health Brings Happiness

Because we sleep, walk, play, live and smile in tandem with our pets. When they’re good, we’re good. When they’re not, we suffer. We now know, for all of us animals, nutrition is key. You are what you eat. When a pet is linked to the joy in your life, you are what they eat as well.

We Are Dog & Cat People

Created for the fussiest of felines, and the hungriest of pooches. We are dog and cat people, creating products backed by science for all furry friends.


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