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Meet Chuck, Darcy & Edison

The Pups who Inspired Tandem

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From Our Founder

When our pets are happy and healthy and they thrive, so do we. It’s scientifically proven. Studies show having positive bonds with an animal can lead to greater mental health and overall wellness.

So purchasing a premium health and nutrition product isn’t just for them, it’s for you too. And this is what we are all about – for the people behind the pet.

We sleep, walk, play, live and smile in tandem with our pets.

When they’re good, we’re good. When they’re not, we suffer.

And we now know, for all of us animals, nutrition is key.

You are what you eat. And when a pet is linked to the joy in your life;

You are what they eat as well.

What Makes Us Special

New Zealand Made

Locally grown and produced in New Zealand from tasty whole, natural ingredients. We believe local is important, for quality and for the planet.

Developed With Vets

Products crafted alongside Massey Vets. Backed by science for your pets health and wellness, we develop products you can trust.

Health Brings Happiness

Created to enhance the lives of our furry friends, as healthy pets means happier pets. When they are happy, so are we.

We Are Dog 
& Cat People

Tandem does not exclude. Created for the fussiest of felines, and the hungriest of pooches. We are dog and cat people, creating products backed by science for all furry friends.


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